GLOBSolenita offers a large portfolio of services and is able to guarantee turn-key solutions to its customers: from the feasibility study to the financial prospects of Renewable Energy  Plant; from project design to after-sales services:

  • Technical and financial feasibility study

Strong attention is offered to our customers; to them the Company provides preliminary feasibility studies, both technical and financial, as well as a preliminary site inspection and a preliminary project.

  • Financial prospect

On the basis of the plant size and its main purpose, the Company proposes to the customer the best financial package to support the investment as well as insurance products covering the risks.

  • Design

Thanks to the internal team of engineers and technicians, Solenita  provides services of dimensioning of the project, design and project realization, maximizing the performances and minimizing the impact on the pre-existing environment.

  • Installation

Several teams of installers is selected and trained in order to always guarantee to any type of customer a state-of-the-art installation, reliable solution and maximum efficiency.

  • Testing and certification

The final tests and certification is carried out before the connection to the grid and the commissioning.

  • Authorizations and Incentives

Solenita supports any customer to the achievement of all the required authorizations and incentives by managing all the bureaucracy needed to get the Plant fully authorized and the incentives recognized.

  • After sales

All the devices used, as well as the installation, is covered by a long term guarantee. Moreover, a reliable and promptly maintenance service is offered to customers interested to it; it is cover both the monitoring of the performances, the scheduled maintenance and the prompt support in case of breakdowns.