A special software algorithm allows for adjusting the hydraulic performance to each source and to the available power while maximizing the pumped water.

The traditional solutions have the solar inverter placed above the ground being exposed to:

  • Weather (hot and cold)

  • Water infiltration

  • Thermal shock

  • Damaging by animals or people

On the other side, the built-in electronic of the integrated solar pumps avoids the use of shielded cables and output filters and it is the ideal solution for any application in remote locations without surveillance or with bad climate conditions. In fact, these pumps do not need of any external electronic component; it is just enough to connect the pump cable to the power source and start to extract water.

The built-in electronic is directly cooled by the water flow; the operating temperature of the electronic components is so low as to ensure considerably longer life than a standard inverter affected by high temperature, humidity, dust and solar radiation.