A solar thermal panel (also called solar collector) is a system used to convert solar radiation into heat energy.


Solenita Flat Solar collectors are at the state of the art both in terms of quality and efficiency, and for the materials used which have a low environmental impact. The heart of a solar panel is the absorbent plate TITAN, an essential part to determine the efficiency of the panel. The TITAN type coating offers the highest efficiency worldwide for glass-top flat surface solar collectors.



solar2Solenita Vacuum solar collectors are the best solution to optimize the efficiency in autumn and winter. Vacuum collectors are particularly suitable for heating integration of low temperature systems such as floor and wall heating systems. They are made by vacuum glass tubes with a high efficiency selective coating, while the central part of these tubes is entirely copper. The basic characteristic of these panels is that they have a curved transparent absorbent surface allowing all the collector tubes to absorb the maximum heat from radiation.