The photovoltaic glass used for the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) are similar to the standard ones but with both side made transparent thanks to the use of special glass on both sides (front and rear). They are fully custom made and both the size and thickness are determined in the design phase, according to the practice used for glass in architecture and to the client needs.

The photovoltaic glass proposed by Solenita replaces the construction elements without any other requirement because they can fulfill all the requirement of a standard structural glass.

The BIPV products are custom and are made in such a way that architects and designers can define size, thickness, transparency, color, thermal and acoustic insulation. Moreover, by varying the number of solar cells as well as their distance, it is possible to vary the degree of transparency and, therefore, to modulate the radiation penetrating inside the building.

Another degree of freedom during the design phase is the color of the cells and of the substrate, offering a wide range of application to all the customer requests.