The phenomenon of globalization has vastly changed the scope of activities for every single business. Increased competitiveness is not always nurtured by positive influences (an improved corporate structure or greater innovation), but instead by veritable price wars driven mostly by lower labor costs in developing countries with little regard for environmental protection or worker’s rights.

For those who believe in business as a vehicle of global well-being and not simply as an instrument of profit, it is important to put these ethical principles into practice.


Solenita believes that competitiveness should not be solely based on lowering costs at the expense of human and societal values. This is why we have adopted a Code of Ethics that reflects the utmost moral principles both within and outside our company.

The Solenita Code of Ethics guarantees our clients absolute professionalism from a team of individuals trained at the highest levels in multinational organizations.

This Code of Ethics is a part of the Solenita Sp.z o.o. ’s model of organization, management and control.